‘Soul’ is a near-death (and near-life) experience

Pixar goes meta by successfully merging philosophy and jazz to create a vibrant and soul-warming animated feature film called Soul, its most ambitious work to date. Released last Christmas on Disney+, Soul gave the perfect holiday gift of existential bliss (and crisis) to its viewers. The film follows a jazz pianist named Joe Gardner (voiced… Continue reading ‘Soul’ is a near-death (and near-life) experience


‘Nimic’: Mimicry at Its Most Discomforting

Yorgos Lanthimos has this eerily satisfying way of creating a dystopian atmosphere around the concepts of human behavior. If you have been following his work, you know how he can effortlessly bend his audience and turn them into hollow but enlightened souls just as the credits roll. If you have an affinity for dark comedies… Continue reading ‘Nimic’: Mimicry at Its Most Discomforting


‘Wonder Woman 1984’: An Empty, Tone-Deaf Spectacle

There’s something to be said about the state of cinema last year. With the industry scrambling to adjust to the pandemic, gone were the corporate blockbusters inhabiting the big screens and the usual blockbuster noise making rounds on your social media feed. For a year as long as 2020, the months without these behemoth blockbusters… Continue reading ‘Wonder Woman 1984’: An Empty, Tone-Deaf Spectacle

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‘Fan Girl’: An Effort in Breaking Porcelain Images

There’s a familiar line from Patrick Stump’s 2011 song “Porcelain” that goes, “No, I simply can’t resist my imagination, no amount of patience validates my preoccupation, let me say this, you look better famous”. It’s sung with a sneer guised in disappointment. The kinetic sound feels starry as the narrator pleas for the subject to… Continue reading ‘Fan Girl’: An Effort in Breaking Porcelain Images


‘Apocalypse Child’ and Living Under the Specter of Someone Else’s Identity

Apocalypse Child is a 2015 film directed and co-written by Mario Cornejo, and it tells the story of Ford (Sid Lucero), a surfing champion from Baler who might be the bastard child of Francis Ford Coppola. This happy-go-lucky surfer goes through a reckoning of his past actions—and inactions—when his childhood friend Rich (RK Bagatsing) comes… Continue reading ‘Apocalypse Child’ and Living Under the Specter of Someone Else’s Identity