CJ Tabigo-on is from Quezon City and is currently working in Makati as an associate editor for a publishing company. She has a bachelor’s degree in Pharmacy but has since been using it to swat mosquitoes away. Her interests lies in a wide variety of things but it mostly involves listening to a good story. When she’s not replaying that damn Lobster/Spider-Man film, her favorite films are mostly coming-of-age genres and happy-sad stories. Find her on Letterboxd and Instagram.

Gabie Dolor is a 4th year Media and Entertainment Management student from the University of Asia and the Pacific. She has served as the President of the Media Management Committee and the Production Officer for film org, Yugto. Over the course of her positions, she has organized event coverages, film screenings and a film forum. She has a particular affinity for indie cinema and female-led pictures (Wow! The Power of Women!) and an almost religious allegiance to Carol (2015) dir. Todd Haynes, having watched it 27 times. Find her on Letterboxd and Instagram.

Gerald Cajayon is a 21-year old college student of Occidental Mindoro origin. Watching John Carney’s “Once” has introduced him to film’s ability to speak to the soul and expose social realities, and has been one the most definitive moments of his cinematic journey so far. He believes that cinema should always strive to liberate the mind and effect social change.

Kat Masi is a pop-culture enthusiast with a taste for horror and superhero movies. When she’s not busy binge-watching a series on Netflix or collecting memes, she’s stalking NASA because space stuff! Catch her yelling about life and its many woes on her Twitter (@bykatmasi) and pretending she can take photos on her Instagram (also @bykatmasi because what is creativity).

Trisha Mandap is a proud Ravenclaw and a premed student studying at Ateneo de Manila University. When she’s not overstressing on her academics, she basks herself with stories – from films, literature, theatre, music and everything in between.

JT Trinidad is an aspiring visual storyteller. When he was younger, he used to play with numbers and formulas. That’s why when he decided to pursue film for college, people were quite disappointed at him. But his love for film didn’t falter. Now, through his films, he wants to amplify the voices of the marginalized people and fight for a better future.